GA Manufacturer First Responders Resources

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in cooperation with GAMA, various manufacturers and first responder professional organizations, has developed resoures for the first responder community to assist with their involvement in GA accident investigations.

The FAA information can be accessed online at:

The general aviation aircraft manufacturers provide additional information to assist first responders so they are able to safely support GA accidents. You can access this company-specific information through the following links:

 Company  Website Date Reviewed and Notes

AmSafe [Contact Information]

AmSafe Reference Guide

AmSafe Airbag STC List

 April 2010
BRS Aviation  October 2009
Cessna Aircraft Company  March 2013 | Requires request of login.
Cirrus Aircraft  October 2009 | Requires login: cirrus and password CAPS

The  Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) working group published an overview of the resources available to the first responder community. A copy of the article can be accessed online by clicking on the following link: ARFF Working Group May-June Newsletter.

This website is maintained by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) in support of efforts by the FAA's Small Airplane Directorate to enhance information about accident investigation. Please contact Lauren Haertlein or Jens Hennig with any questions.